Our Animals Have Names

As you’d expect on a traditional farm, we also have lots of other animals besides our horses that are always happy to be petted and to be given snacks. For example, there are our mini pigs Paula, Sissi and Franz who will be grateful to demolish all your food waste. The bunnies Bella & Lotte and their buddies who enjoy dandelions in their outdoor enclosure in the summer. The cats Nala, Ronja and Garfield who can be discovered on a tour around the farm to find the cosiest places.


You’re missing the special ingredient for breakfast?
You can purchase fresh eggs from our happy chickens - guaranteed and truly free range. And if you’re looking for a very special side dish for dinner, we can also supply you with different types of pasta made from our own eggs.

Riding, Brushing and Braiding

The Norwegian Fjord Horse Charly, the two Shetland Ponies Toby & Beauty, as well as the Westphalian warmblood mare Ravenna look forward to every guest treating them with love and strokes – as well as helpers big and small lending a hand with the daily stable work and care for our furry friends. The horses are well-trained and used to small guests too, but handling our four-legged friends has to be practiced: We welcome you to use the opportunity to learn more about these majestic herd animals.


Get to know Horses

You are yet to have any significant experience with horses? Use the opportunity to learn how to lead a horse on a leash under guidance by our trained horse professionals. There are a few things to consider first – most importantly to gain their trust and learn how to handle horses big and small. We put great pride into treating our horses like part of our family and not like sports equipment.


Horse Riding

Every horse has its own character traits and your safety is our top priority, which is why we let our trained team pick the right horse for you which suits you best. Appropriate footwear is required for riding and it is best to bring your own fitted helmet, regardless of whether it is a bicycle or riding helmet.


Hiking with Horses

For those of you who aren’t keen on the prospect of spending time high up in a saddle we offer the opportunity to join our guided rides on foot and explore our beautiful surroundings guided by our team. Be aware, there are plenty of electric fences around the meadow.